Weather Menders

                   A Novel by Debra Denker

              about Reversing Climate Change

                       through Time Travel

What if Time Travel were real? What if Time Travelers from 300 years in the future told you that there was a chance that you could prevent the catastrophic climate change, plagues, and wars that have shaped your world in 2050 by going back in time to key Pivot Points and ethically altering the outcome of elections that had been manipulated? What if    failure would result in the destruction of the biosphere? Would you go?

This is the decision that a weary 96-year-old anthropologist originally from Taos, New Mexico, Tara Concha-Garcia O'Connor MacFarlane, must face when she, her teen-age step-great-granddaughter Leona, and Leona's boyfriend Janus are confronted by a trio of Time Travelers from a future alternate Timeline where humanity and eco-system survived and thrived. In post-plague 2050 Britain, where palm trees tower over the rice paddies of Stonehenge, Tara longs only to finish out her life peacefully, now that she has guided Leona to womanhood, and rejoin the great love of her later years, the humanitarian Scottish-Afghan doctor Xander MacFarlane, in the spirit world.

Suddenly one stifling autumn day, the fate of humanity and most  of Earth's species falls squarely on the shoulders of Tara, Leona, Janus, and Tara's small gray cat, Georgie, who shows a surprising aptitude for telepathy. Time is short to reverse catastrophe, and the three mysterious Time Travelers must first determine the ideal Pivot Points to be altered by reading the Time Code vibrations off the great standing stones of Avebury.  Unexpectedly joined by Georgie, who refuses to be left behind, the six plunge into the Time Circle of Stonehenge on their mission. Where and when will they go, and will they succeed in restoring the Earth and humanity to balance?

Published by Catalyst Artistic Productions

Cover art by Marla Phillips