Voices for Biodiversity

         Volunteer Editing

        and Storytelling

Debra Denker and Catalyst Artistic Productions (formerly Rainbow Lotus Productions) donate their filmmaking, writing, and editing skills to create media and stories for the non-profit Voices for Biodiversity, an award-winning online magazine "connecting humans with the natural world to help all species survive and thrive together."

In the words of founder Tara Waters Lumpkin, PhD, Voices for Biodiversity is "an online magazine and gathering place for those who believe that humanity’s health and well-being depend upon the health and well-being of other species and the ecosystems that support us all. Voices for Biodiversity uses the ancient human art of storytelling to connect us with each other, other species, and the natural world."

Films and Stories

Brilliant Baboons (film and accompanying story about primatologist Dr. Paula Pebsworth's studies of  baboon self-medication)

Bushman Caves film about Kamberg Rock Art Caves in South Africa

Cree Medicine Woman Laments Alberta's Losses, story about Nicole Gladu's insights into ecological devastation in her native Northern Alberta

Animal Kindness Beyond Borders, story based on interview of Karen Menczer, founder of Animal-Kind International, which partners with local animal rescue organizations in 11 underserved nations.

Peaceful Coexistence: Snow Leopards and Humans Share Pakistan's Mountains, story about the work of Snow Leopard Trust and Pakistan's Snow Leopard Foundation preserving these iconic animals in Pakistan's remote and mountainous north.

Bobcats in the Hood, story about humans living with bobcats in a semi-rural suburb outside Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In the Wake of Dolphins, story about swimming with dolphins off Hawaii's Big Island, and the moral issues of interacting with other species.